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Distributed Media Throughout the District and Community

When the Boyertown Area School District (BASD) was faced with failures in the district’s CATV infrastructure they knew they did not want to re-invest in a traditional system. They also knew they wanted to be able to stream their CATV channel across the local cable system in the community while also providing a live stream on the district’s website, allowing their users tostream content direct to their computer or mobile device anywhere across the district. With these requirements it was determined that a VBrick system would be the best fit.

Applied Video Technology (AVT) worked with BASD Director of Information Technology, Scott Major to design and install a VBrick system complete with a VEMS Mystro portal to manage live and on-demand video and audio files and a Distributed Media Engine (DME) to optimize and streamline the distribution of HD video and other rich media content across the district.

“BASD chose VBrick because of its ability to meet our current needs while allowing us to scale as our needs change without overhauling the entire system. VBrick’s experience, reputation and success in industry, government and education indicate they are doing something right. AVT demonstrated the required skills and worked diligently with BASD technology andTV station personnel in advance to ensure the system would exceed our expectations in the way of cost, performance and ease of use.”

BASD is currently using the VBrick system to broadcast theSenior High TV station across classrooms, digital signage in common areas within the school, the internet and a local
community cable channel. Plans for future expansion of the system include bringing a two more schools into their VEMS portal to allow these school’s content to be viewed district wide.
They also plan to begin digitizing existing video content created in their High School TV studio so it may also be accessed via VEMS in the classroom and at home.

  • VBrick System

  • VEMS Mystro Portal




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