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AVT Creative Services Press Release

AVT Creative Services, AVTCS (Kimberton, Pennsylvania)

Rebranding: Phoenix Media Group, PMG

Kimberton, PA 19442

March 1, 2023

Steve Yurick


Phoenix Media Group, PMG, has undergone a noteworthy transformation. The same full-service digital media company you’ve come to know, and love will now be called AVT Creative Services.

The dark blue color provides a strong visual link, a connection to our parent company Applied Video Technology. The consistent representation of this core color helps reinforce and ‘bridges the gap’ between Applied Video Technology (AVT) and AVT Creative Services.

What’s does AVT Creative Services rebranding mean for you?

• For our corporate, educational, and nonprofit friends our new identity will continue to satisfy all the existing expectations of what our original mark stood for while simultaneously connecting our creative brand with AVT’s integration customers.

• Phoenix Media Group (now AVT Creative Services) has been around for more than a decade and will continue our strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

• AVTCS will continue to offer a creative experience unlike any other. Offering all the amenities of a center city TV studio, our tried-and-true Kimberton Village Studio offers creativity without the hassle or cost. Looking to rent state-of-the art A/V equipment? AVT Creative Services has you covered.

AVT Creative Services continues to draw from its staff of creative minds, to assist you with turning your vision into a reality. Think of us as your communication team of digital marketing experts. If you have a story to tell, we’ll help you tell it!

If you would like more information about our rebranding, please call Steve Yurick at 610-407-0776 or

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