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Industry Webinars Week of May 11th

This week has plenty of virtual events to keep you updated and informed!

If you need more information, an individual online demo, or can't make it to any of the below events but would like to watch on demand, just let us know!

Please stay in touch with us for any of your communication needs or questions, we are just a phone call or e-mail away! AVT hopes you are staying well.

Monday, May 11th:

Sharp Beyond 4K: Exploring Sharp's 8K Ecosystem - Stay ahead of the curve with breathtaking detail and realism.  Register.

Tuesday, May 12th:

Ross The 4k UHD Signal Conversion Problem Solver - Gator Toolbox is an incredibly powerful ‘any-to-any’ HD, UHD and HDR signal conversion solution. Marc Ravard, Simon Lacroix and Alun Fryer explain its many different applications and the latest update for 2020.   Register.

Sony Technology Tuesdays: AV Solutions Webinar Series - BRAVIA Pro Displays:  Pro Settings Mode with live demo of a specific room configuration.  Register.

Wednesday, May 13th:

Sharp and Crestron -Unparalleled AV Experiences - Transforming your environment to work smarter and more efficiently.  Attendees get a chance to be entered into a drawing to win a 70" Sharp 4K Display!  Register.

Biamp Crowd Mics Online - This webinar will provide a high level understanding of Crowd Mics Online. Whether in the same room as the presenter or around the globe, Crowd Mics Online allows live event participants to use their phone like a wireless mic, text questions, and participate in polls, providing audience members with the same great experience regardless of their physical location. Register.

Thursday, May 14th: Sharp The Future of Work:Windows Collaboration Display - Imagine comfortable business meetings with better space utilization, more productive collaboration, and minimal setup. It’s now possible through the Windows Collaboration Display (WCD) from Sharp! Attendees get a chance to be entered into a drawing to win a 70" Sharp 4K Display! Register.

Ross The Latest in Production Automation & Control - Production automation has been an important industry trend for more than a decade – Mike Paquin discusses what’s new with the latest version of our OverDrive solution.   Register.

NewTek  - Myth-busting NDI -  In this session, Liam Hayter from NewTek and Dean Offord from Panasonic take on the roles of ‘Myth-busters’ by covering some of key queries that often arise with NDI®, as well as covering some of the latest developments in NDI® workflows including announcements from NAB 2020.   Register.

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