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Options for Return to School from Mersive and AVT

By now, we're sure you know that Federal CARES Act funding is available to education institutions like yours to help combat the impacts of the global pandemic.  You may not know how to best implement your funding to fit your return to school plan for the fall. No matter how you are planning to move forward when school starts for the upcoming school year, AVT can help you find a solution for in-class, virtual, or hybrid scenarios.  We continue to partner with our key vendors to provide easy to use, budget friendly classroom technology to help take some of the burden off your shoulders. 

In these challenging times, let AVT help you determine the best solution for your live streaming, virtual and distance learning set up.  All of our products and services are available on the PA Co-Stars Contract. Contact us today.

Mersive Education Solutions

Solstice offers rich support for multiple teaching-learning models (see below) and Solstice Subscription includes access to Solstice Conference, Solstice Cloud analytics, hardware warranty, and more. Contact us to learn more and discuss how Solstice can help your organization navigate the return to school.

For a limited time, when you buy 10 or more new Solstice Pods with two years of Solstice Subscription, we’ll include an additional two years of Subscription at no charge!  Contact us for a quote.

Solstice. Mersive’s collaboration platform enhances the learning experience with rich, BYOD content sharing and has been adopted by thousands of education institutions across the globe.

Solstice Active Learning. Empower active learning environments and overflow rooms with software-based video switching and routing, no custom programming required.

Solstice Conference. Use Solstice with virtually any video conferencing platform to seamlessly support remote participants in the learning session.

Solstice Cloud. Safely and efficiently auto-configure your Solstice rooms remotely with Solstice Cloud management capabilities, and monitor room utilization, density, and more with Solstice Cloud analytics.

Support for Hybrid Classrooms. By using Solstice Conference in combination with Solstice’s wireless collaboration and/or active learning capabilities, Solstice enables new hybrid classroom models to support onsite and remote learners.

Have Questions? We are happy to help!

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