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Simplylive Announces e-Slomo

Revolutionary AI Driven Super Slow-Motion Application for Live Production, Post, and Archive

Simplylive, the makers of the world’s most intuitive, flexible, and scalable multi-camera production systems, has announced e-Slomo, a revolutionary software application that uses Artificial Intelligence to create super slow-motion sequences from standard camera footage.

Leveraging the latest generation of Nvidia GPUs, the e-Slomo application allows you to create super slow motion sequences faster than play time when deployed on multi-GPU platforms. Users can create super slow-motion clips in a variety of formats, including 720p, 1080i, 1080p, and UHD, and play them instantly for live production.

“e-Slomo is absolutely groundbreaking technology” says Luc Doneux, Managing Director of Simplylive. “The ability to render high-quality super slow-motion clips from standard camera footage will allow producers to create eye-catching sequences at a fraction of the cost of dedicated high frame rate cameras. It’s the perfect tool to craft emotion evoking promos, openers and closers - or to give a new life to archived content. And, as it is completely software and AI driven, it’s functionality will continually improve as its sports specific algorithms learn and GPU power increases.”

e-Slomo processing is very fast, requiring only a couple of seconds of buffering time. Simply cue the start of the replay, send it to e-Slomo, and moments later your super slow-motion sequence will be ready for broadcast. When combined with the Simplylive UI Gateway, users can create super slow-motion footage from any remote location – even from home – with a user adjustable bandwidth requirement of only 5 Mbps to 50 Mbps.

e-Slomo integrates seamlessly into all replay, studio, and post-production environments, and is fully

compatible with Simplylive’s complete range of Replay and All-In-One Production Solutions. To learn

more, visit

About Simplylive

With offices in US, EU and Asia, Simplylive was founded by live production veterans who have made systems that have helped produce televised events like the World Cup, Super Bowl and the Olympics. Simplylive’s ViBox platform takes a different approach from traditional hardware and software products. Instead, system designers focus on the way live programs are actually produced, the next generation of users needed to make those programs, and an approach based on system simplicity, flexibility, reliability and oncoming migration to a VoIP and Cloud future. The result is a platform used by ESPN, IMG, Canal+, and many more.

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