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Avid Facility-Wide Production Workflow Upgrade

WHYY is the leading public media organization in the Philadelphia Region, including Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and beyond. They provide programming on television, radio, in the community and online.  With the large amount of programming WHYY is committed to creating each year, they needed to update their older post production and media management environments in their Philadelphia location.

WHYY engaged Applied Video Technology (AVT) to provide equipment, installation, support and project management services to upgrade their Philadelphia facility.  AVT worked closely with Avid, TeleStream and WHYY technical staff to design a comprehensive workflow plan for the facility-wide upgrades. Utilizing Avid and their certified partner solutions, the integrated systems allowed WHYY to migrate away from physical packaged media to streamlined file-based workflows.


AVT provided an Avid Facility Bundle, consisting of the MediaCentral management system, NEXIS shared storage, and five Media Composer editors on new HP workstations. An SGL LTO Archive system and a TeleStream Vantage transcode/delivery system were also integrated within the Avid ecosystem for seamless archiving and distribution. In addition to the post-production system upgrades, their existing Avid iNEWS system was also upgraded and integrated as part of the new MediaCentral system for complete facility-wide access.  The complete integrated solution will allow for expansion within the WHYY Philadelphia location and any other remote WHYY facilities that may come online in the future.




• Avid Facility Bundle for Asset Management,     Production, & News
• Avid Media Central Platform
• Avid NEXIS E4 120TB Centralized Storage
• Avid Media Composer Editors on HP Z-         Series Workstations
• Avid iNEWS

• Avid Onsite Training

• Avid ExpertPlus Ongoing Support

• SGL LTO Archive System
• Dell Network Switches & Hardware
• TeleStream Vantage Transcode Pro Connect
• Adder IP-Based KVM System
• Sony LMD Professional Production Monitors

• AVT Service Contract

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