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Video Wall Installation

Commonwealth Charter Academy (CCA) was founded in 2003 as a K-12 statewide public cyber charter school and provides free online education to all Pennsylvania students.  CCA also operates 11 Family Service Centers across Pennsylvania that serve as resources for students and their families.  At the Harrisburg Capital Campus the school was looking to have a location where they could host movie nights and other events for students and their families.

AVT installed a 9x9 LED video wall display system in the Commons Area of the Harrisburg Capital Campus using eighty-one,  2.5 pixel pitch LED cabinets.  The overall size of the video-wall is 18.0’W x 10.1’H and runs as a single display spread across all LED cabinets.  The school has the ability to display various video outputs to the LED wall, including HDMI & VGA laptop connections, Blu-Ray content, cable television, and BrightSign Digital Signage content.   AVT worked with CCA to program an Extron touch screen controller for video wall power, video input selection and BrightSign digital signage selection.   At the completion of the installation, AVT provided a comprehensive system training.

IMG_9531 (2).jpg
  • Unilumin 9x9 LED Video Wall (2.5 Pixel Pitch)

  • TVOne 4K Video Processor

  • BrightSign Digital Signage Players

  • BrightSign Network




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