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Make, manage, and move your media – from start to finish – with AVT.

Whether you’re an elementary school, a call letter station, or a multinational enterprise, AVT can help you to overcome your most challenging broadcast, AV, and communication hurdles.

As a full-service AV integrator with over 25 years of audio visual, broadcast, streaming, and production facility experience, we’re perfectly placed to deliver the expertise and tools you need.

From audio visual, video wall, and digital signage applications, to live streaming and real-time event support, our innovative AVT solutions are designed with your goals in mind.


Create a place to tell YOUR story. With AVT.

Is broadcast-quality storytelling and production your main goal? AVT’s specially-designed TV Studios give you everything you need to make your productions stand out.

At AVT, we use only high-end professional quality brands such as Avid, Sony, NewTek, and Panasonic, to build custom AV facilities across numerous sectors and industries.

From enabling hybrid/remote learning for schools, to embracing the power of video to engage your students, customers, employees, shareholders, and fans, AVT can provide a solution catered to your specific studio or production needs:

  • LiveStreaming – serving corporate, education, and government meetings.

  • Call letter station and broadcast facilities – catered to news, sports, and other professional productions.

  • Extensive post-production facilities

  • Mobile solutions – quick set up for streaming live events across campus and easily transported between locations.

  • Production trucks – fully equipped for mobile video production.

  • Front-end video – large video boards for stadiums and athletic facilities.

  • School facilities – entry level / sophisticated systems designed for school studios.

  • College facilities – systems to prepare students for real world professional experiences.

Create the perfect place to tell your story through the power video – no matter the sector.


Inform and entertain your audience. Effectively and efficiently.

Looking to make a noticeable impression? With an AVT digital signage network, you can keep your content fresh and constantly up-to-date to best suit your audience.

With AVT’s digital signage solutions, we can provide a full-scale digital signage implementation including product, installation, remote system monitoring and support – as well as content creation management and strategy – across any market or sector.

Utilize our solutions to:

  • create, manage, and deliver dynamic visual messages to your potential audience in an engaging and compelling way.

  • ensure accurate and up-to-date messaging for communicating with audiences facility-wide.

  • clearly communicate announcements, safety protocols, announce visitors, employee news, menus, wayfinding with digital signage kiosks, emergency messaging, and event advertising.

Whether it’s for information, service, or experience, maximize your digital impact today.

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Technology to help you easily collaborate and communicate. With AVT.

Searching for technology that helps you collaborate AND communicate? With AVT’s audio-visual solutions, we bring together the data, resources, tools, and our expertise, to help you make a real impact on your audience.

AVT’s specially-designed systems are all about keeping things simple – giving almost anyone the power to communicate and collaborate with the very latest in easy-to-use display, control, and AV technology.

Our AV systems can help you to get your message across, no matter the sector:

  • Classroom Audio Visual K-12 and Higher Education

            o Hybrid learning with lecture recording.
            o Distance learning with video conferencing and lecture capture.

            o Emphasis on ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD).

            o Future-proof design to allow for easy upgrades as the budget allows.

            o Cost-effectively deliver real time and on demand IPTV video to anyone, anywhere.


  • Corporate Boardrooms, training rooms

            o High-quality video conferencing, streaming, presentations, etc.
            o Spaces designed for flexibility – encompass the latest technology trends to support the new hybrid                           workforce, and collaborate and connect with employees, remote users, and customers.


  • Plug and play Huddle Spaces

            o Flexible meeting spaces fully-integrated with Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Google, etc.

            o Designed for BYOD collaboration.


  • Courtroom and Council Chamber Rooms

            o Designed with federal, state, and local government in mind.

            o Focus on ease of use and budget conscience systems to enhance communication.


  • Auditorium Audio and Video Systems

            o Design and installation of multi-functional systems.

            o Focus on audience engagement.

Empower your organization today with an AVT designed audio-visual solution.



For over two decades AVT has been providing integrated VidCaster mobile production and video production truck solutions for a wide variety of applications. These solutions adds a whole new dimension to versatility and mobility for high quality video production. Our systems are carefully designed to meet each of our customer’s needs by providing an easy to use and mobile system that allows for simple production and distribution of video.


Bringing spaces to life. With AVT

Looking for a way to make your marketing messages more memorable, elevate your building or stadium's atmosphere, or engage your audience? AVT’s video walls make landmarks, organizations, and venues – from college campuses to houses of worship – more attractive to the audience you want to engage.

Always increasingly popular as a way to catch your audience’s attention, the uses for AVT’s video walls are endless — storytelling, brand awareness, sports replays, etc.  Easily customize and integrate the equipment with the design and layout of your facility to communicate your message in any setting.

Our full-scale video wall implementations include the product, installation, remote system monitoring and support, as well as content creation management and strategy.

Video walls are perfect for:

  • Athletics Facilities

  • Classroom Collaboration

  • Lecture Halls

  • E-Sports

  • Welcome Centers and Lobbies

Transform your space and engage your employees, students, guests, or fans today.


Inspire your audience with innovative live streaming and events.

Ready to embrace the next step in broadcasting? Let AVT take the complexity out of your video with our end-to-end production and live streaming services.

At AVT, we’re unique in our ability to provide live event, video, and streaming service to support our customers – making it now even easier for you to engage with your viewers in an engaging and effective way.

With complete lens to screen services, we’ll make sure your live event makes a lasting impact on your viewers, whether live or on demand.

What we offer: 

  • Full-service production services.

  • Multi-camera production.

  • Web stream management.

  • Landing page and website creation.

  • Hosting and back-end analytics reports.

Our services are perfect for: 

  • Corporations 

  • Community and Service Organizations

  • Government

  • Education

Event Examples: 

  • Townhall meetings

  • Graduations

  • Corporate communications

  • Virtual trade shows

  • Fundraisers

  • Community meetings

Achieve remarkable reach and take your message to the next level by producing video for any platform – from social media to your own website or internal channel.

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