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Bring your communications to the next level. With AVT.

Looking for expert consultation, design, integration, and installation of professional audio-visual solutions and technology? Find it right here, with AVT.

At AVT, as an experienced full-service audio-visual integrator, we’re all about helping you to communicate more effectively.

With over 25 years’ of industry experience AVT is well positioned to deliver the support, expertise, and tools you need to meet your communication goals. As your local, boutique AV Integrator, this means we can work flexibly and with agility to provide you with the best possible advice and service.

Make your story more engaging. Bring your creativity to life. Boost your bottom line.

Partner with AVT.


Custom AV solutions – designed from the ground up – with AVT.

At AVT, the first step in any job is helping you to define the technology that will make your life easier.

That’s why each of our projects are first approached by a team of pre-sales design engineers, account managers, sales coordinators, and office personnel – ensuring your AV project meets your specific technology needs, budgets, and timelines.

Once in-house, your plan is handed off to a dedicated AVT audio visual design engineer to see your project through to completion.

From parts and smarts design, to final installation, our attention to detail and design capabilities have led the way since 1996.

Decide and implement workflows that will make your project a success.

Partner with AVT


Installation crews managed by experienced, CTS-I trained lead installers – with AVT.

When it comes to installing your systems, we take your original idea, and, using our sales and engineering design, physically see the project through to completion.

Our onsite teams work hand-in-hand with Project Managers, Engineers, and System Commissioning teams to ensure that your project is finalized on time, on plan, and on budget.

Whether you’re in the wider Pennsylvania area, or further afield, we have AVT crews to cover the entire United States as needed. Each of our technicians are highly trained to Avixa and individual manufacturer standards and best practices.

Embrace creative technology, audio visual integration, and unified communications for your organization today.

Partner with AVT.


End-to-end project development and management, with AVT.

Effective communication and accountability are extremely important for any successful project. 

That’s why every new project at AVT is assigned an individual onsite project manager (PM) whose role it is to collaborate with your internal operations team – ensuring products and crews are completely coordinated.

Our PMs provide a steady, constant point of contact throughout the life of the project and beyond.

With over 25 years of industry expertise, we understand though that nothing is a given when working with technology. Thanks to our great relationships with other trades, union subcontractors, and more, AVT PMs can also keep large construction projects moving smoothly onsite.

Make sure your project is managed correctly from the outset.

Partner with AVT.


Expert training – online or in person – with AVT.

Time and time again, we’ve seen the missing piece between the best designed solution and its successful operation go unfulfilled as a result of a lack of training.

At AVT, we’re strong believers that training – technical, operational, or both – is the main difference. 

Working together with vendors and manufacturers, we tailor our training to meet your needs. Whether it’s for full day sessions, multi day sessions, smaller one-on-one sessions, or large group settings, we can provide online training seminars, or onsite, hands-on training.

Despite the sometimes-complex nature of our system installations, our job is to make your job easy. This means providing training on all features, benefits, and recommendations for best practices.

Start off on the right foot, and enable your teams’ tech talent today.

Partner with AVT.

AVT Training at MCCC

AVT Training at MCCC

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Consulting partners to help your project run smoothly, with AVT.

With more available technology, comes more decisions.

At AVT, we can help navigate the correct technology hardware choice, implementation strategy, networking, and IT needs, specific to your own organization.

Following a detailed consultation, our AVT experts will determine the technology that best fulfils your requirements for each system – we’ll also outline the functionality and budgetary cost for review and approval. Once we receive approval, we can then proceed by preparing the bid documents as outlined in the deliverables.

Here’s a brief outline of our AVT consultation processes:

  • Provide AV design and bid package with

    • Audio visual system drawings package​

    • Architectural requirements

    • ​Documentation and drawings outlining architectural requirements for each system.

    • Documentation and drawings outlining requirements from other contractors (i.e., electrical, networking, conduit, HVAC, structural, etc.)

    • Bid specification document for each room:

      • Detailed documentation outlining AV integrator’s scope of work

      • Detailed documentation outlining final system functionality.

      • Detailed documentation outlining the control system specification.

  • Bill of Materials

  • Interface with architects, electrical engineers, and IT departments on your behalf during the consulting phase – using these relationships to benefit your end project

  • Construction Phase Services such as:

    • Review of submittals and shop drawings.

    • RFI responses.

Leverage our expertise and make the best decisions for your organization

Partner with AVT


Design & Engineering
Project Management
Consultng Service

Tailored support to meet your specific needs and budget, with AVT.

From custom service contracts and service block contracts, to hourly service rates, AVT has a service and support solution to suit YOU.

For over 25 years we’ve been proudly collaborating, partnering, and supporting our clients with tools, solutions, and services to bring their creative inspiration to life. It’s this wealth of expertise that’s also allowed us to be able to support the full spectrum of your communications and technology needs.

Each of our service and support requests are assigned a ticket number and logged and tracked through our online system from the initial report, right through to final resolution.

Make sure your technology investment is completely covered.

Partner with AVT.

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