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AVT Covid-19 Policy

March 12, 2020

AVT Covid-19 Policy

As a key factor in AVT’s Covid-19 policy, we are taking precautionary steps to keep our employees and those around them healthy.

Prior to sending any AVT employee to a client site, we are asking for confirmation that any area we enter has been sanitized and that procedures to limit community spread such as self-reporting, have been implemented.

We are doing our very best to prevent the spread of illness, and are requesting confirmation of this before we send any of our staff to your location.

As with all infectious diseases, we have protocols in place to minimize the spread of illness to our staff.

We appreciate this opportunity and look forward to working with you. We apologize for any delays or inconveniences this unprecedented set of circumstances has caused.

Your understanding of the situation is appreciated while we all deal with this very difficult situation.

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