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AVT Celebrates Employee Milestones

While 2020 was certainly a challenging year, Applied Video Technology (AVT) was happy to celebrate a few very special milestones this year. Each year we recognize AVT employees who have celebrated service milestones and this year was no different. We were especially excited to celebrate our Shipping Manager, Mike Feiner, for 20 years of service to AVT. Mike is a critical member of our AVT team and manages our growing warehouse and all incoming and outgoing shipments for all of our product and integrated sales. Thanks Mike!

We also celebrated the following AVT Service Milestones:

  • Dave Matthews - 5 years

  • Rob Mygatt - 5 years

  • Morgan Wright - 5 years

  • Steve Yurick - 5 years

Thank you!

Dave Matthews

Rob Mygatt

Morgan Wright

Steve Yurick

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