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Put UC Anywhere It's Needed

Touchless Rooms Make it Easier and Safer to Return to Work and School. 

As offices and schools around the world move to an increased mix of remote and in-person communication, IT professionals and educators are scrambling to serve the new video conferencing needs of their people.  AVT has continued to collaborate with our key vendors to provide technology for safer, more effective collaboration.  

Rapid Deployment Collaboration System

The need to share knowledge and work collaboratively is more critical than ever. Now, the new Crestron Flex R-Series is a mobile UC System that brings collaboration to wherever it’s needed most. Closing the distance between remote teams wherever they may be. Quickly. Easily. Cost-effectively. All that’s required is two cables: power and network.

The Crestron Flex R‑Series mobile UC system can be rapidly deployed to provide convenient video conferencing in a variety of professional settings, such as corporate, education, healthcare, or manufacturing environments. A Crestron® unified communications engine assembly comes pre-installed for easy component installation and hookup. All components mount to a wheeled cart to bring collaboration to wherever it is needed.


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